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Pink Slip or esafety check?

When are eSafety Checks, or Pink Slip Inspections as they used to be known, required in NSW?

Generally speaking, if your vehicle is five years or older, your registration renewal notice may warn you that you are due for an eSafety Check. Previously known as Pink Slip Inspections (and some people still refer to that term) . Only RMS accredited mechanics are allowed to undertake vehicle safety and registration inspections.

Clem Camage Motors are an Authorised Inspection Station in Queanbeyan and can undertake eSafety checks and issue RMS Pink Slips to allow you to re-register your vehicle. If you need an eSafety Check or Pink Slip Inspection in Queanbeyan NSW, Clem Camage Motors have you covered.

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What is a pink slip?

A pink Slip Inspection, or eSafety Check as they are now known, ensures that vehicles more than five years old are considered safe to drive under NSW law. It is a requirement in New South Wales (as a condition of registration renewal) that vehicles five or more years old are regularly inspected and a report (previously the pink slip) issued. Clem Camage Motors eSafety Checks are sent to the RTA electronically.

Do all vehicles require pink slip inspections?

Light Vehicle Safety Check Inspections must be carried out on a range of light vehicles and a report (aka pink slip) issued before registration renewal is possible, usually as directed by the registration renewal certificate.

Clem Camage Motors regularly undertake eSafetyCheck inspections on cars and light commercial vehicles under 5 tonnes (tare) in and around the Queanbeyan area. We also provide pink slip inspections for light trailers and caravans (250 kg - 2 tonnes Gross), motor cycles (inc sidecars) and buses weighing less than 2.5 tonne (Tare)

(Note: Commercial vehicles with power-operated brakes and Trailers/caravans with breakaway brakes must be inspected at an HVAIS. Your certificate of registration will state whether the vehicle requires a HVAIS or Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme (HVIS) inspection.

Why choose Clem Camage Motors for my esafety check?

All work carried out by Clem Camage Motors is backed by the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty at over 450 locations Australia wide. You can rest assured that if you choose to have Clem Camage Motors conduct the needed repairs, all work will meet RMS requirements and is covered by the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty, available at over 400 Repco Authorised Service centres across Australia.

What happens after the pink slip inspection?

Following a successful Pink Slip / eSafetyCheck inspection, Clem Camage Motors will forward your Light Vehicle Safety Check Inspection Report electronically to Roads & Maritime Services.

We can then assist you to purchase the mandatory Green Slip, ensuring CTP insurance requirements are met, after which you are able to register your vehicle as you normally would, (online, in person, by mail etc).

Failed esafety check?

Should your vehicle happen to fail a Pink Slip / eSafetyCheck Inspection, Clem Camage Motors will prepare a 'repairs needed report'. You can then request Clem Camage Motors undertake the required repairs or take it to a mechanic of your choosing to have them carried out, but they must be undertaken within 14 days, before the report expires.

Once repairs have been carried out, either by Clem Camage Motors or the workshop you chose for repairs, you'll need to have another esafety check.

If you return the vehicle to Clem Camage Motors within 14 days for the 2nd eSafety Check, no additional fees will apply to have it rechecked. You are of course free to take the vehicle to any eSafety Check station, but this will result in you being charged a new eSafety Check fee by the mechanic conducting the vehicle inspection.

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